Friday, April 3, 2009

News: Tunisian Pilot Begins Praying as his Plane Goes Down

A Tunisian pilot began praying as his plane encountered troubles and went down off the coast of Sicily. Hmmm praying to Allah for help in an air disaster... I don't really associate Allah with air safety, but no matter. The Italians have jailed this twat, thankfully.

A pilot accused of praying when he should have been taking emergency measures to avoid a crash in which 16 people died has been sentenced to 10 years in jail by an Italian court.

Captain Chafik Gharby was at the controls of a plane belonging to the Tunisian charter airline Tuninter that crashed in the sea off the coast of Sicily four years ago. The 23 survivors were left swimming for their lives, some clinging to a piece of the fuselage that stayed afloat after the turbo-prop aircraft broke up on impact.

Gharby was at first hailed as a hero for having saved the lives of most of the passengers. But after an investigation, he, his co-pilot, and several Tuninter executives and technicians were charged with a range of offences including manslaughter

There we have it. Don't try to save the plane, ask Allah to save the plane. I can imagine many religious people who would be struggling away to save a crashing plane, it takes a staggering level of religiosity to actually pray while a plane is crashing when you could actively be doing something about it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Conspiratorial Ramblings from the Muslim World

The conspiracy theories cooked up in the Arab and Muslim world are often quite preposterous but this one really takes the cake.

Anyhow this Yemeni man was sentenced to death for "making illegal contact with the Zionist Jewish Israeli entity". Quite a mouthful. The Yemeni prosecutor claims that this man email Ehud Olmert and then got a response from the Israeli Prime Minister. Here is the supposed exchange:

The prosecution charged Haidari with corresponding with Olmert through emails, one of which said: "We are the Organisation of Islamic Jihad and you are Jews, but you are honest, and we are ready to do anything."

The charge sheet said Olmert responded to Haidari, also known as Abu al-Ghaith, welcoming his offer to collaborate.

"We are ready to support you to become an obstacle in the Middle East. We will support you as an agent," Olmert was quoted as writing.

Ridiculous doesn't quite cover this. I really couldn't stop laughing. Apparently people in Yemen will believe in anything. As if Olmert searches his email daily looking for outreach from places like Yemen so he can recruit agents. Do the Yemenis think this is how spies make contact... by email the prime minister of an enemy state?

Simply too funny.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Australian Imam Vandalizes his own Mosque and Blames Islamophobes

Here we go... duplicity at its finest.

"War is Deceit" -Muhammad

Here is the story to go with it:

There you have it. Vandalizes his own mosque then blames the evil Kuffar. The idiot didn't even realize there was a camera videotaping him, how stupid can you be. It makes me wonder how many fake attacks have taken place (there have been several exposed in the Midwest of the United States) that didn't get exposed.

News: George Galloway Banned From Canada

You know what... these Canadians aren't so bad, now are they? They stand up to the anti-Blasphemy laws, and now they ban infamous terror supporter George Galloway (who shall henceforth be called George Go-Away). Yes the Galloway who spoke glowingly of Saddam Hussein, who has lent moral (and perhaps financial) support to Hamas and Hezbollah and their anti-Semitic ramblings. I don't support the ban, I feel anyone should be allowed to speak their mind, but if we are going to ban people in the West, let it be no talent ass clowns like George Galloway.

Immigration ministry spokesman Alykhan Velshi said the act was designed to protect Canadians from people who fund, support or engage in terrorism.

Mr Velshi said: "We're going to uphold the law, not give special treatment to this infandous street-corner Cromwell who actually brags about giving 'financial support' to Hamas, a terrorist organisation banned in Canada.

"I'm sure Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Canada, however, won't be one of them."

That's right the Muslim spokesman for the Canadian Ministry of Immigration is condemning Galloway as a Cromwell. Well done Mr. Velshi, well said. But how did George Go-away react?

Mr Galloway, 54, said the ban was "not something I'm prepared to accept" and pledged to use all means at his disposal to challenge the ruling.

All means? Meaning more incessant whining? Perhaps the Hamas government will give him a stage, he fits in better in Gaza.

The Story:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Islamist Hatred of Jews... it Is Not Even About Israel

Following on my earlier post:

Where the 9/11 defendants detail that they hate and fight America because it is their Islamic duty to fight the infidels, I would like to present the views expressed below by Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya'qoub:

If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not. We will never love them. Absolutely not. The Jews are infidels – not because I say so, and not because they are killing Muslims, but because Allah said: 'The Jews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that Christ is the son of Allah. These are the words from their mouths. They imitate the sayings of the disbelievers before. May Allah fight them. How deluded they are.’ It is Allah who said that they are infidels.
Your belief regarding the Jews should be, first, that they are infidels, and second, that they are enemies. They are enemies not because they occupied Palestine. They would have been enemies even if they did not occupy a thing. Allah said: 'You shall find the strongest men in enmity to the disbelievers [sic] to be the Jews and the polytheists.' Third, you must believe that the Jews will never stop fighting and killing us. They [fight] not for the sake of land and security, as they claim, but for the sake of their religion: 'And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you back you’re your religion, if they can.'
This is it. We must believe that our fighting with the Jews is eternal, and it will not end until the final battle – and this is the fourth point. You must believe that we will fight, defeat, and annihilate them, until not a single Jew remains on the face of the Earth.

That's right, even if Israel went away, they would still have to try to exterminate the Jews. So how are those peace negotiations coming along?

Roger Garaudy is the Epitome of Epitomies

I have often thought there is a strong link (ideologically) between, fascism, pseudo-Marxism, Holocaust denial, anti-Israel sentiment and Islam. As I was trying to formulate why this is, I stumbled across an article on Jihad Watch... well it was a reprint there from the European Jewish Press but I shall put some of it here:

BRUSSELS (EJP)---An islamic religion teacher disputed the testimony of a Nazi camp survivor who recounted his story to students in a Brussels secondary school, Le Soir daily newspaper reported Tuesday. Henri Kichka, 83, from the Union of Jewish deportees in Belgium, had been invited last Friday by the school in Laeken, a Brussels commune, to describe how he survived Buchenwald and his family members were killed in the death camps.

During the meeting with the 150 students, the school was told by a teacher of Islamic religion that Kichka’s account “was largely exaggerated.”

Yes yes this is nothing new, a Muslim denying the Holocaust (or alternately saying the Jews deserved it). Anyhow, who does this denier cite... ah yes Roger Garaudy:

On Monday, the trade unions saw the videotape. “To us, there is no doubt, the teacher quoted negationist ideas from Roger Garaudy,” a French revisionist author and philosopher who converted to Islam and called the Holocaust a “myth”.
Converted to Islam you don't say????

Who is this Garaudy fellow... well he was a member of the French Communist party (he was kicked out for criticism of the USSR) then he became a Holocaust "revisionist", then he began the criticisms of Israel and its "founding myths", and then he converted to Islam in 1982. He was praised both by Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah and Ali Khamanei of Iran for his Holocaust denial. This seems like the natural progression of things... Communism... Holocaust Denial... Criticism of Israel... Islam.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

News: Luton Protestors Claiming Benefits

Ahhh yes, the British government continues to fund the domestic jihad against civil society. Congratulations on yet another own goal for the English side.

The mosque, with its distinctive golden dome dominating the skyline, is the most visible symbol of Islamic life in the town. It was also one of seven Muslim centres in Luton chosen to receive Home Office funding last year for a project called 'Preventing Violent Extremism'.

So far, £200,000 has been handed out via grants from the council. Another £400,000 has been set aside to capture the 'hearts and minds' of young Muslims.

All that money really seems to be paying off.

One in five of Luton's 200,000 population is Muslim. But in the Bury Park district, where Luton Central Mosque is situated, the figure is much higher. Indeed, the original indigenous white population has all but disappeared from these back-to-back terraces near the Kenilworth Road football stadium.

Bury Park has effectively become a town within a town, with its own madrasah (faith school), Islamic primary school and high street, where the local butcher has been replaced by the halal store and the corner shop by a Muslim grocery. Boutiques now sell Day-Glo saris and other traditional Asian clothes.

No shocker there. Separation from the Kuffar is important as the Qur'an says:

Qur'an 5:51

"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people."

And it gets better:

Recently, Holocaust memorial ceremonies attended by many moderate Muslims were among the events the extremist group tried to disrupt. Almost all of the fanatics, according to the Muslim leader at the mosque, are on the dole or claiming benefits of some kind.

Can anyone say Jizay? Yes that's right, as of late Muslim leaders have popularized the view that claiming benefits is one way of collecting the jizya. A tax levied on the indigenous non-Muslims of lands conquered by Muslims so that they will not be harmed or killed. Here is what the Qur'an has to say about levying the jizya on the filthy kuffar:

Qur'an 9:29

"Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low."

"Brought low" is the key term here. And of course the dhimmis (those required to pay the jizya) were to be smacked on the back of the neck by Muslims so that they would remember their "low" status. A big smack on the neck of the British taxpayer in Luton.

The Story:

News: Inhuman Tax on Pubs Forcing Closure

I would like to make a direct appeal to the humanity of British lawmakers...

Tim Martin, the group's chairman, said that the level of tax being levied on the trade was contributing to the closure of pubs in record numbers - according to recent figures 39 a week. He said that each of Wetherspoon's pubs generated average taxes of £530,000 but earned only £50,000 in after-tax profits. “The Government seems not to understand the economic impact of new taxes and legislation and continues to impose new burdens at a huge rate.”
Have they no decency?

The Story:

Opinion: The Vast Majority Isn't so Vast

Charles Moore for the Telegraph.

Comparing the violence in Northern Ireland to Islamic violence is fundamentally bankrupt as an intellectual pursuit, namely because Islamic violence is a religious exercise, whilst the IRA engaged in violence both out of sectarian interests, but more largely due to their other (and always violent) motivation... socialism.

Among Muslims in Britain, such ambiguities can also be found. There is a strong strand in the current state of Islam which sees the religion as a political project. This creed, often called "Islamism", holds that no society is legitimate unless it imposes sharia – the law of God. There is no doctrine of tolerance, and a complete rejection of secular or Christian rule. Islamism spreads much more widely than the active advocates of violence. I have tried to get the Muslim Council of Britain, a sort of TUC of British Islam, to condemn the murder or kidnapping of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has always avoided doing so.

Now why would the REFUSE to condemn the kidnapping of British troops... could it be the same reason why the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) refuses to condemn Hamas? Because deep down inside they support the actions... as Muslims, precisely because the actions follow from the canonical and exegetical texts?

So when, as happened on Question Time, people say that the Luton demonstrators "have nothing to do with Islam" and so should not be described as Muslims in the media, they are missing a key fact. So are the people who say that Irish republican killers should be called "common criminals". The key fact is that the extremists do draw on wider political or religious traditions in forming their views; and their actions do resonate among many from those traditions.

If, as in Germany this week, a deranged young man walks into a school and shoots people, it is tragic, but it is not part of a movement. Terrorism committed by Muslims in the name of Islam (which forms – that phrase again – the vast majority of terrorist acts in the world since September 11, 2001), or by Irish republicans, is.

Thank you!

Since the problem is quite wide, we need, as a nation, to defend ourselves against it. We are choosing the wrong way of doing so. We so doubt our own legitimacy that we feel the need to delegate the task to our foes. Our Government feels that the only way to run Northern Ireland is to hand nearly half of it to Sinn Fein.

Thanks Mr. Moore.

The Article:

Opinion: We Must Stop Appeasing Islamic Extremism

Ed Husain for the Telegraph.
It's comfortable for us to think that these are the actions of a small minority – but are they? The vile mob that hurled abuse against returning troops does not operate in a vacuum, somehow removed from other Muslims. Only two weeks ago, the same group of extremists openly marched in Tower Hamlets, Britain's most densely populated "Muslim area". Where was the local outrage against these bigots? The nearby east London Mosque – Europe's largest Muslim institution – sends groups of young vigilantes to hound local prostitutes and drug dealers, but it turns a blind eye to extremism.
Indeed, could it be comfort that drives the appeasement of Islam... we just don't want to believe it? The obvious question when the "tiny minority" argument is made... well where is the majority to denounce them?
The existing strategy, "Preventing Violent Extremism", has made it easy for non-violent extremists. It has meant that supporting Islamism, condemning parliamentary democracy, advocating the destruction of Israel and calling for jihad against British troops in Afghanistan or elsewhere has been tolerated because it is not directly violent. Contest 2 must explicitly break with this approach.
Yes, it is the foolish and ignorant policies of the government that makes the spread of this extremism possible. They are just harmless until they are actually making the bombs.

The Article:

News: Bin Laden Lambasts Jahili Arab Governments

Bin Laden is greatly inspired by Sayyid Qutb who wrote that Arab governments were functionally jahili (ignorant in a pre-Islamic fashion), Bin Laden has taken up the standard, seen here in a recently released audio tape.

In the recording, broadcast by Al-Jazeera television based in Qatar, a voice purporting to be the al-Qaeda leader attacked "moderate" leaders of Muslim countries for not strenuously opposing the Israeli offensive against Hamas.

"It has become clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the Crusader Zionist alliance against our people," said the voice, which is yet to be verified.

The "Crusader Zionist Alliance"... tinfoil hats anyone?

More telling commentary from Bin Laden.

"These are the leaders that America calls moderate. The countries of the Muslim world from Indonesia to Mauritania are divided into two: some of them are crooked, while others are even more crooked.

"The Holocaust of Gaza amid a long siege is an important historical event that confirms the importance of distinguishing between Muslims and hypocrites."

When Bin Laden says "hypocrites" he is using an Arabic term munafiqeen which refers to the early period of Islam where new converts would pretend to be Muslim while secretly harboring their old religious views in order to gain the benefits of being inside the Muslim umma... namely keeping themselves safe from beheading.

The Story:

Friday, March 13, 2009

What the 9/11 Terrorists Say about Islam, Killing the Infidel is our Religious Duty

I repeatedly tell people, "Don't believe me about Islamic fundamentalism, believe those that expound it." Well here they are in their own words.

Excerpts from the full statement of the 9/11 defendants:



In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

The 9/11 Shura' Council

Many thanks to God who revealed the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran, and may God praise his messenger, the prophet Mohamed, so that he causes mercy to the two realms. Also, may God praise the prophet's household, his entire companionship, and his followers until judgment day.

With regards to these nine accusations that you are putting us on trial for; to us, they are not accusations. To us they are badges of honor, which we carry with pride. Many thanks to God, for his kind gesture, and choosing us to perform the act of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims.

Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion. These actions are our offerings to God. In addition, it is the imposed reality on Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, in the land of the two holy sites [Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia], and in the rest of the world, where Muslims are suffering from your brutality, terrorism, killing of the innocent, and occupying their lands and their holy sites. Nevertheless, it would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your infidelity. However, today, we fight you over defending Muslims, their land, their holy sites,and their religion as a whole.


There you have it, yes they are pissed off about our "aggression", but they would kill us over our infidelity anyway. "Terrorizing" us is their religious "duty".

Enough said.