Friday, March 20, 2009

Australian Imam Vandalizes his own Mosque and Blames Islamophobes

Here we go... duplicity at its finest.

"War is Deceit" -Muhammad

Here is the story to go with it:

There you have it. Vandalizes his own mosque then blames the evil Kuffar. The idiot didn't even realize there was a camera videotaping him, how stupid can you be. It makes me wonder how many fake attacks have taken place (there have been several exposed in the Midwest of the United States) that didn't get exposed.


Anonymous said...

I think you're mistaken and that he tried to shift the blame on a member of what he calls the ‘Taliban in Lakemba’. If this group of young people have been doing any of the things mister Hilali has been accusing them of (teaching jihad, flag burning) I don't know, but if his dishonesty surrounding the whole door incident is anything to go by, it may have been a spectre that he created himself in order to win the mosque's election.

Styrer said...

There is a tendency for miserable liberal/leftie Islam-appeaser types to object to the vilification of arseholes like Hilali on the grounds that his actions are not 'representative' of Muslims and that a whole group does not therefore deserve to be similarly vilified. But wait. This Holocaust-denying piece of filth was actually honored in 2005 by the wider Muslim community in Australia as 'Muslim Man of the Year'. Until Muslims themselves start castigating and denouncing twats like this publicly and vocally, with even a quarter of the vehemence with which they will do so in the case of some sodding cartoons, then they deserve all the collective disapprobation and denunciation as we can muster.