Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roger Garaudy is the Epitome of Epitomies

I have often thought there is a strong link (ideologically) between, fascism, pseudo-Marxism, Holocaust denial, anti-Israel sentiment and Islam. As I was trying to formulate why this is, I stumbled across an article on Jihad Watch... well it was a reprint there from the European Jewish Press but I shall put some of it here:

BRUSSELS (EJP)---An islamic religion teacher disputed the testimony of a Nazi camp survivor who recounted his story to students in a Brussels secondary school, Le Soir daily newspaper reported Tuesday. Henri Kichka, 83, from the Union of Jewish deportees in Belgium, had been invited last Friday by the school in Laeken, a Brussels commune, to describe how he survived Buchenwald and his family members were killed in the death camps.

During the meeting with the 150 students, the school was told by a teacher of Islamic religion that Kichka’s account “was largely exaggerated.”

Yes yes this is nothing new, a Muslim denying the Holocaust (or alternately saying the Jews deserved it). Anyhow, who does this denier cite... ah yes Roger Garaudy:

On Monday, the trade unions saw the videotape. “To us, there is no doubt, the teacher quoted negationist ideas from Roger Garaudy,” a French revisionist author and philosopher who converted to Islam and called the Holocaust a “myth”.
Converted to Islam you don't say????

Who is this Garaudy fellow... well he was a member of the French Communist party (he was kicked out for criticism of the USSR) then he became a Holocaust "revisionist", then he began the criticisms of Israel and its "founding myths", and then he converted to Islam in 1982. He was praised both by Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah and Ali Khamanei of Iran for his Holocaust denial. This seems like the natural progression of things... Communism... Holocaust Denial... Criticism of Israel... Islam.

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