Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video: Islamic States Blocking Discussion of Female Genital Mutilation Based on "Insult Laws"

What these cretins fail to realize is that real girls are being mutilated while they are stifling debate on the grounds that Islam will be insulted, or maybe not, maybe they view FGM in a positive light. Everyone should be enraged.

32 countries have FGM practiced regularly, 29 of those are members of the OIC!


Jacques Hughes said...

Browsing through your posts and it seems the UN is now absolutely powerless aggainst any group which cries 'religious sensitivity'.

More than a little distressing.

Any suggestion on what we can do?


Ibn al-Rawandi said...


I think there is little hope for the UN. The international community is dominated by groups that either:

1) Demand their beliefs be free from criticism
2) Side with those who demand freedom from criticism
3) Refuse to stand up to the censorious bastards.

Leaving the UN would send a message, but wouldn't fix things. I think there will eventually be a surge in popularity for political parties (like Geert Wilders' party) that take the defense of liberal values serious, and hopefully this can shift the tide.

But I think voting for politicians that will protect liberal values in your home country is paramount. Not racist xenophobes, but responsible politicians who will defend values without curtailing rights.

Protest is also important. Blogging, email campaigns, organization, letter writing etc... These are all important.

Thanks for the note!

Lucas said...

Wow, that shit is infuriating to watch. Are you really just allowed to lie outright at these meetings?

Ibn al-Rawandi said...


Yes. There is no standard for deceny in the UN. The Arabs obfuscate, the Persians just say "I have no idea what you are talking about".

Remember Ahmedinejad said at Columbia: "We have no homosexuals in Iran".